After successful launch of the PREMIUM RDS-TMC in Poland last year, CE-Traffic expands the service to Slovakia, creating the first Traffic Message Channel in this country.

“We are pleased that our TMC service is now available also to drivers in Slovakia. RDS-TMC works in many Western European countries for many years already. In the last two years the TMC service launched in many countries of Eastern Europe as well. By combining our traffic data of current traffic flow generated by unique technology of floating cars enriched with data of road works and traffic restrictions of the Slovak administration highways portal and other public sources we have created the optimal TMC service. Thanks to the cooperation with Fun Radio, the leading Slovak Radio with appropriate national broadcast network, we broadcast the traffic content on the territory of Slovakia. With our first customer – Garmin – may now begin Slovak drivers to use this simple, practical and affordable channel for receiving traffic information,” says  Jiří Novobilský, CEO of CE-Traffic.

CE-Traffic PREMIUM RDS-TMC is the state-of-the-art TMC solution which offers drivers in Poland and Slovakia access to unique traffic data. Information about traffic congestions and delays is generated using Floating Car Data technology based on fleet of vehicles that generates daily over 25 mln kilometers of anonymous GPS tracking data. Fused with journalistic road events monitored by our local Traffic Information Centers and smartly filtered using our know-how about local drivers behavior our Premium RDS-TMC is the best available TMC service in Central and Eastern Europe.